Dear Parents,

We have again had to reconfigure our Sea Girt Booster Winter Flag Football Schedule. We apologize for the continued changes. It is a challenging time, and we are navigating the fluid ever-changing terrain as best we can. We are very appreciative of those in leadership positions that are supportive of the idea that children need to remain active in a safe environment.

Here is our plan going forward: (yes, subject to change based on lots of factors.)

We are moving all games to the Wall AYF Football Complex on Bailys Corner Rd. This complex is located behind the Wall Municipal Center next to where Wall Soccer and Wall Lacrosse play.

Games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays going forward. Each team’s coach will receive a full schedule this weekend.

The K-2 division will play on either
Saturday @ 9:00 AM or Sunday @ 10:00 AM

The 3/4 division will play on either
Saturday @ 1:00 PM or Sunday @ 12:00 PM.

The 5/6 division will play on either
Saturday @ 3:00 PM or Sunday @ 2:00 PM.

The 7/8 division will play on either
Saturday @ 11:00 AM or Sunday @ 2:00 PM.

All State of NJ COVID 19 policies will be adhered to at the football facility. Spectators are limited to 1 per family. All spectators & coaches must always wear masks at all times, while at the facility. Players should wear masks when not actively participating in physical activity.

All coaches have been notified directly and should be communicating with their teams.